Objectives of the Company:

Here are some of the operations the Company is authorized to carry out:

  1. To operate in all agricultural-related fields including the production, industrialization, crop exportation and importation to serve its needs.
  2. To operate in the field of producing, packaging, selling and distribution of fodder, fertilizers, herbicides, veterinary medicines and detergents of all kinds. The Company cam export and import the products that it needs to serve its purposes.
  3. To operate in producing agricultural and animal products, promoting the business inside as well as outside the country and buying whatever is needed to carry out these various activities. The Company will build factories, finance agricultural projects, and import agricultural equipments, spare parts and row materials needed for the production.
  4. To operate in the field of business representation for insurance companies, different land, air and marine transport services and aviation companies in addition to concluding sub-contracts.
  5. To operate in the field of contracting, management, operating, engineering, constructional, industrial and agricultural contracting, and dealing in heavy and light equipment and different engineering and industrial machines. In addition, the Company can operate in civil, mechanic, electric and architectural engineering contracting, maintenance works and all the supplementary or related fields.
  6. To operate in the field of water refinement, desalination, packaging and marketing nationally and internationally.

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