Main Advantages of the Company’s Projects that Give its Greater Importance:

  1. The project is set up in an area bordering the railroad (Khartoum-Shendi-Atbara-Port Sudan) and Al-Tahadi highway (Khartoum-Shendi-Atbara) to (Haya-Port Sudan). This facilitates moving the exported and imported products. In addition, the project is located near many other investment projects, the fact that adds up to the final success.
  2. Marwa Dam provides the electrical power which helps in the economic rise.
  3. The project is set up on a plain land with its natural shape, free from any imperfection, and it does not need any leveling basically. Laboratory analyses, land survey and studies show the soil is generally a light deep clay soil that has no massive or stony layers. It is fertile, not affected by the salinity and soda, easy to cultivate and fit for almost all kinds of crops. The soil goes well with the modern irrigation systems such as the sprinkler and trickle irrigation.
  4. There is a total of four bridges, some finished and other under construction to link West of the Nile to its East. This facilitates and saves money during transportation, since the trucks and trains return empty to Port Sudan.
  5. A land road has been built to link the project area to the export port. The road reduced a distance of 400 kilometers which allows the products to reach foreign markets faster and cheaper.
  6. The Company’s projects are set up in the northern region of the Sudan where the weather is suitable for cultivating the targeted crops. The area is between 25-30-31 degrees latitude to the east which offers a variance in the agricultural activities carried out according to the season (summer-Damira-winter).

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