The Company is focusing now on the agricultural field as follows:

  • The project depends on sprinkler irrigation and has twenty-three sprinklers at the first phase to move to two hundred in the future. Bear in mind that the Company was among the first to introduce this technology to the Sudan.
  • The project depends mainly on underground water and the Nile’s water after twenty-five wells are dug, providing around 1300 to 1500 gallons of sweat water per minute fit for cultivation, drinking and production. The project set up at Shendi has concluded an agreement with the administration of Kabushiya Nile, which is a government dug river branching from the Nile. It will provide large amounts of water to increase the cultivated and productive areas and thus minimize the costs and increase the profits.
  • The Company introduced the mixed crop-livestock farming concept which makes use of the farm in breading good sheep and provides their fodder from the products.
    This season, the Company has cultivated potato after concluding a contract with a Dutch company to produce improved potato seeds that can be exported after fulfilling the need of the local market.
  • The Company has cultivated wheat and the Ministry of Agriculture acknowledged Tala as one of the main producers of wheat seeds in the Sudan.
  • The Company has cultivated onions for local use.
  • The Company has reached an agreement with Al-Bakry Company to supervise the agricultural activities and offer agricultural services.
  • The Company has reached an agreement with Marwa Dam Company to cultivate 1000 acres and supervise them on behalf of Tala.

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