About Us

Tala Investment Ltd. has been established on Saturday 15/1/1424 H pursuant to the Sudanese Foreign Investment Law. It is an investment company that aims at cultivating clover, wheat, potato and onion plus other potential types. The Company is located in Khartoum while its projects spread over Shendi on an area of 126.000.000 square meters.
It became a joint-stock Company with 260 million shares; each share’s par value is one Sudanese pound which equals 0.51 American cents per share.

The founders have paid around 99.710.133 dollars and a number of 65.565.240 shares were publicly issued with a value of 0.51 American cents per share during the period from 20/12/2006 G until 20/1/2007 G.

Thus, the Company has become a public joint-stock Company pursuant to article 45 of the Khartoum Securities Market Act of 1994.

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