About Sudan

About Sudan, The Arabs’ Lost Treasure:

Sudan – as the whole world knows – is one of the biggest African countries enjoying a unique geographical location and rich natural resources, such as agricultural lands and animal and metal wealth. We can say that Sudan is truly the only Arab country that can be called the “Lost Treasure of Arabs” due to the various water sources it has, such as:

  1. Nile River: where Sudan has a share of 18.2 billion square meters of water annually, out of which only 12.2 billion square meters are exploited.
  2. Underground water: spreads over more than 50% of the land and whose reservoir is estimated by around 15.200 billion square meters of water.3- The abundant continuous rain in some parts of the Sudan and seasonal rain in other parts. Sudan is rich in its vast arable lands whose area is almost 200.000.000 acres, 15% of which is only exploited which equals around 30.000.000 acres.

In addition, Sudan has a huge population of around 30 million citizens, known for their creativity and ability to work and make any project succeed.

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